August 2, 2010

the weekend...the kids...the scale

Whew. What a weekend! We were busy this weekend, but it was a FUN busy.

Friday night, we went to a reception for my cousin, Luke, and his new wife, Beth. They were married at the end of June in Florida. With two small children and pretty crazy lives, we were unable to attend the wedding, but were excited to hear there was going to be a local party this summer to celebrate with them!

Luke and Beth live in Nashville. He's a country songwriter! He's had a few #1 songs, including a few for Carrie Underwood. In fact, her latest song, Undo It, he co-wrote - and it just went #1 this week! He lives a busy, successful life in Nashville, but when we get him back home, it's as if he never left. He's as down to earth as they come and his new wife is just as wonderful.

What a sweet couple!!

I love how happy he looks with her!!

It was a wonderful party at the lake. Lydia enjoyed the playground...

...and of course, the make-your-own sundae bar was a HUGE hit.

My Uncle Tim was ready for fun! If this outfit doesn't say BBQ, I don't know what does.

We enjoyed time with family, friends, and our own little ones.

We even got a FAMILY. PHOTO. That's right - all 4 of us! Together!




Sure, the kids are lookin' a little squirrelly, but hey, you take what you can get, right?!?!

This little daddy's girl just can't get enough daddy hugs!

Max was chillin' by the water...enjoying the BEAUTIFUL evening!

Lydia even got some time in the sand with her cousin. They had so much fun playing together!!

Friday night was alot of fun...and the fun carried over into Saturday - the 90th annual family reunion for my dad's side of the family. The reunion means some games, lots of family, and TONS of food! I was proud of myself for eating as healthy as I could, but also glad that Lydia could enjoy some summertime treats (popsicles, popsicles, and more popsicles!)

The kids played HARD! Lydia rode the spinning merry-go-round thing on the playground for, what seemed like, hours.

She enjoyed the funoodles too :)

Max crawled around the park, picking flowers and trying to eat grass. You know, what all 1-year-olds love to do at a picnic!

He spied the swing and had to get in!

He had fun practicing his walking too. He really is sooooooo close! I think any day now he'll take those first steps on his own.

When the games began, Lydia was EXCITED! She got to hunt for money in a pile of sawdust and search for candy in the woods. There was a balloon pop game that she THOUGHT she wanted to get in on, but then decided she didn't want to play...then decided she DID want to...played for a minute, realized it was hard, then ran out of the game.

3-year-olds change their minds. ALOT!

But, then came the sack race! She was ready for it! See how excited she was?!?!


She started hopping....

...then...uh-oh...she realized the other kids were hopping really fast and were waaaaay ahead...

...annnnd, she's OUT! No more sack race!

She was a trooper. She tried everything and just wanted to play, play, play. At the same time, she was soooooo tired.

Little did she know after that sack race, she'd have to cheer for....


That's right, folks. Adult sack race time!!

You should know, Steve was quite an athlete when he was younger. He was a gymnast for years and played soccer into college. He is an EXTREMELY fast runner, but I'll be honest, I've never seen him in a sack race, so I really didn't know what to expect.

Ready. Set. GO!

Alright, here's when it gets crazy. Steve jumped off like I've never seen ANYONE jump. He was hopping like a wild man! I immediately went into hysterics...I was doubled over with laughter. I couldn't contain myself - I nearly peed my pants!

When I finally looked up, he was at the halfway point!

See him down there?? Navy shirt, plaid shorts, and sack around his shins?? Apparently, holding onto the sack slows you down. Or so he says. I believe him.

This was the best picture I could get as he went whizzing by! He was a blur!

And I was STILL hysterical.

His freakishly amazing sack race skills landed him in first place...or second...we never quite figured that out. He and a distant cousin of mine dove over the finish line and I think it was determined that they both simply deserved accolades for their crazy sack race efforts!

Moving on...

...Egg Toss time!

The reigning champs from last year - my brother, Curtis, and my dad.

These two were pretty convinced that they could take the championship again. Mind you, my dad's still recovering from a heart attack and the placement of 2 stents in his heart, but hey, he's goin' for a repeat win, people!

Look at that form!!!

Sadly, those two only made it a few tosses before their egg broke. The winners of the egg toss were two cute boys - I'm guessing ages 4 and 8. Sorry dad and Curtis - the boys took the men on this one!

Yesterday, we tried to lay low at home and get the kids rested up. Lydia did go out on a daddy date last night. She and Steve went to dinner and then her first MOVIE!!

Apparently, she did well at the movies....she ate popcorn, scarfed down "NandM's" (that's what she calls them), and intently watched Toy Story 3. But shortly over an hour into the movie, she turned to Steve and said,

"Ok, dad - I'm ready to go home now. I've seen this movie before. Let's go."


She must have just had enough. I'm guessing she was just sooo tired from the rest of the weekend's antics that she just couldn't make it anymore. She came home and told me about the movie, her abundant snacks, and the fun she had with daddy.

This morning, I woke up slightly anxious knowing that I was going to get on the scale and see if my healthy efforts have paid off.

Well....I'm happy to say...I'm down 8 pounds!! WOOHOO!! I was so stinkin' excited! I got my walking shoes on and took off down the road. That success put an extra spring in my step. It was fabulous! I felt accomplished today, and even more motivated than ever.

So, here's to a great weekend with family, my dear, sweet kids and husband who keep me smiling, and the scale, that was so very kind to me this morning.


  1. Congrats on the 8 lbs! It feels good doesn't it. I have been trying to shed some "baby weight" also. (my little guy is 14months, not a baby anymore).

  2. your family is so cute! fun post



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