April 16, 2010

gettin' started...

I'm finally going to give this blog world a go. It's been a long time coming (at least in my mind it's been a long time), but I'm here. I'm ready!

A quick run-down of today...Lydia's sick. She's got a cold/fever/mucous...let's just say, germs are everywhere. We snuck a walk in this a.m., and at the FURTHEST point from home on the walk, she says, "Mom, I have to go potty!" Um, ok. I looked around and actually thought about picking a random house, knocking on the door, and asking whomever answered the door if we could sneak in for a quick "peep." Well, I rethought that crazy idea and decided to tell her to hold it. I high-tailed it home, while she asked every 3 seconds, "Is that our house? Is THAT our house? How about THAT ONE, MOM?!?!"

I was hoping that while the kids napped, I'd be able to sneak in some crafting time, but I've been obsessing over this blog instead. I have an half-done shirt that I'm hoping to finish up tonight, although there are no guarantees this shirt will even FIT Lydia. It's looking a touch small. I may have to tweak things a bit. Being a beginning sew-er (can't type that without the hyphen - I'm not into waste management as a hobby), I'm learning 'sew' much (HAHAHAHA), but I'm still trying to figure out how to fix mistakes, undo, redo...all while trying not to break the machine itself. It's all girly, of course, with big pink/yellow/turquoise flowers and brown/pink polka dot sleeves. Maybe I'll practice putting up some pics later.

I can't wait to get this blog a bit more set up. I've been reading a bit lately online and have found some great sewing blogs and other creative sites I want to make sure I reference.

Ok, Max is up...I think I need more caffeine.

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