April 19, 2010

toddler talk

My daughter, Lydia, loves to talk. I mean, she LOVES. TO. TALK. Her lips are almost always moving while she's awake. In the morning, she sings in her crib. She chatters about what she wants to do each day, what she sees, what she likes to play with, what she's reading. She is just a little chatterbox! I have to say, though, even though it seems like she talks nonstop, it's soooooo much better than the screaming she did right before she started saying words. Steve and I were going BONKERS because she'd holler so loudly for things, and of course, we don't speak 'Holler.' So we're fine with the words. Well, mostly fine.

Anyways, Lydia and I had some pretty fun conversations today. She's 3, so I never know what she's going to say, or where she comes up with some of this stuff! I thought I'd share just a few of the fun ones from today. :)

Lydia: MOM - come quick! I peeped and I need you to tap me!
Me: Hon, I'm rocking Max - I'll be in soon.
Lydia: But mom, I need you to tap me! I went PEEPS! QUICK!
Me: Lydia, I'll be there in a sec! Go ahead and pull up your pants without me tapping you.
Lydia: But MOM...I have DRIPS! I need tapped!

Lydia: Mom, my nose was running while I was in my book nook, so I wiped it off.
Me: What did you wipe it on?
Lydia: Over there. I wiped it over there.
Me: Over WHERE, hon?
Lydia: On the curtains, mom.

Lydia: Mom, LOOK! My socks!!
Me: Yeah, your socks. (clearly seeing she had a pair of socks in her hand, but still had socks on her feet) Where did you find them?
Lydia: They were in this cupboard! (in the kitchen)
Me: Hon, why were your socks in the cupboard??
Lydia: Because they were dirty, mom!

In case you were wondering, I'm NEVER bored! I smile and laugh alot....and I love it. :)

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