April 17, 2010

Yes. I'm crafty.

As I'm venturing into this blogging world, I'm finding myself wondering what on earth I'll write about. I'll warn you all now, there will be no rhyme or reason...no clear direction here. The way I see it, this blog is a virtual dumping ground for any and all things "Krissy." Those crazy thoughts about projects I'd like to tackle - they'll be here. The rantings about weird neighbors or bizarre trips to WalMart - I'll be sure to include those. Let's just say, anything's possible in these here parts.

Anyways, I was thinking last night about all of the different crafty things I've tried over the years. My most recent adventure as been sewing! I feel like a baby learning to walk as I broaden my sewing skills, but it's fun and I feel so....sew...Martha Stewart-ish. (minus the jail time, of course) So over the years, here are some of the things I've tried out:

Latchhook rugs (those count, right??)
Friendship bracelets
Decorating clothes
Painting furniture
Painting pottery
Low-water Immersion dyeing
And now, Sewing.

Um, can you say - CREATIVE OUTLET?!?! Yeah, I definitely need one. I'll go months without doing anything creative, then I get into something and I obsess. I freak out until I get it just right...until I figure it out. I can remember spending HOURS in those paint-your-own pottery places making things. I had a bucket when I was young that was full of embroidery floss for those friendship bracelets...I had every color you could imagine. When I learned to knit a few years ago, I constantly found myself tangled up in the yarn! And let's face it, when I got into dyeing, barely anything in this house that was white stayed that way. I also really enjoy decorating, cooking, and I'm slowly learning about gardening, which can all be fun and creative too.

So, don't be surprised if you read that I'm tossing out the sewing machine to make room for more crafty goodness! In fact, I'll probably have to make room for that new laptop that I'll be getting at some point in the near future...you know, so I can learn and obsess over Photoshop. I sat with Steve's laptop last night and played for HOURS. I made the banner for this page and had a heckuva fun time doing it. Digital scrapbooking, here I come!!

But first - this kitchen needs some attention.

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