May 11, 2010

anniversary gift

So, I had NO idea what to get Steve for our 10-year anniversary. I was really stumped, but knew I wanted it to be special and, in some way, sentimental. Then, I ran across this tutorial a few weeks ago for subway-style art on Ucreate (GREAT blog, by the way). Anyways, when I saw it, I LOVED it and knew that's what I wanted to do! I'd MAKE Steve a super cool gift.

Well, the idea and assembly of the project is quite simple, but coming up with all of the sayings, words, dates, etc. needed to fill the board (which mine was probably a bit large) - now, that took time! Needless to say, Steve's gift was a few days late. But, I think it turned out SOOO great! Now we just need to figure out where we'll hang it.

Love you, hon!! Hope you love the gift, the memories, and the thoughts of our future together!

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