May 18, 2010

faux brick sidewalk

I can't believe how much I love this! I stumbled across this FANTASTIC blog today called The Painted Home. Wow - this woman has done some gorgeous things with her home - inside AND out. What she did to her outside walkway - genius!! She's got a cottage feel to her home and painting the sidewalk created such a warm, inviting feel. I want to find out where she lives and just walk up her sidewalk (ok, I think I'd want to go in and check out her beautiful home too, then sit out on her back patio and enjoy a glass of wine in that hammock!) Seriously - check this out - it looks SO real!!

So here's her before:

And here's the after!

Doesn't it look SUPER?!?! Here's her post on how she created this gorgeous walkway!!

Now, off to scour the neighborhood to see who's walk I can paint like this....... ;)

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