May 22, 2010

I think I might need my own tools...

Alright, I've got umpteen million projects on deck right now. It's almost too much. ALMOST. I love feeling creative and find that when I've got the ideas, I really need to run with them. I like making time for myself to actually DO these things. I got a little bit done today, but let's face it - I wasn't lighting the world on fire. I did laundry, cleaned up, played with the kids, more laundry, wiped down the kitchen cupboards, redecorated above the cabinets....did I mention laundry??? OY. I should be tired, but really, my mind is swirling. Here's what I'm thinking about:
  • Sewing Lydia's quilt for her big-girl bed
  • Painting a basket for her room
  • Making tissue paper flowers for her room
  • Hot gluing letters on canvases for Max
  • Hanging Max's pics in his room
  • Making 'white board' for craft area
  • Hanging decor over sewing table
  • Spraying storage boxes
  • Adding fabric to front of storage boxes
  • Spraying flower pots
  • Making wreath for entryway
  • Redecorating entryway table
  • Painting giant fork and spoon
  • Sewing kitchen valances
  • Painting kitchen chairs
  • Recovering kitchen chair cushions
  • Making pillows for family room
Woah. That was exhausting just going through that list! And I know I'm missing a bunch of stuff. I kinda think I might need my own tool kit. You know, the basics - a few screwdrivers, a drill, a level, hammer, sanding blocks, etc. Steve's got tons of tools, but I can't really find what I need most of the time. I'm thinking my own set that's all PINK! That way, they'd be easy to find if something strays away from the pack. Does a pink tool kit exist??? I may need to look into this further.

The list above might not take long for most people, particularly if they've got great tools! But let's not forget - I've got 2 munchkins. Two very busy, adorable, snuggly, creative, hungry munchkins. They keep me on my toes! So my creative time is slim - I'll need to make the most of it when it comes along.

I got the fabric for my kitchen curtains/chair cushions/family room pillows. I LOVE the fabric! I really like that it's going to help with the neutral palette I'm going for, so I can add color throughout the seasons without too much hassle.

The florals will be in the kitchen/eating area, and the fun words/numbers/polka dots will be family room pillows.

For now, I need to shut down...recharge the batteries...get ready for another day. It's supposed to be B-E-A-UTIFUL here tomorrow - all week, actually - so I'm thinking it may be a good day to paint some stuff outside?!?! We'll see.


  1. I Love that fabric! Where did you get it?

  2. Hi Candice! I ordered the fabric from Etsy. It's from Moda's 'Authentic' line. I think if you search 'Moda Authentic,' you'd probably be able to find some. So glad you like it!!



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