May 16, 2010

stage debut + birthday wishes + creative overload = my weekend!

What a weekend! I've had a few pretty nice days, I must admit. Friday night, my daughter had her very first school program. She did SUPER! Oh my gosh - SO PROUD here. She sang all of her songs, did all of the movements, and listened to her teachers. She looked like such a BIG girl up on the stage - and she's only 3! She wore a mommy-made dress and was just adorable. She was so excited that she had family watching in the audience and was surprised when daddy gave her flowers after the show. All in all, Friday night was darn near perfect in the world of a mom!!

So then Saturday was my birthday. I'm getting old, but really, I don't feel it. Steve wanted me to get out on my own for a bit, so I went to my mothership - Hobby Lobby. Honestly, I could have walked around there for HOURS. Like, 5...maybe 6 hours. That sounds crazy, but really - there's so much to see there! I carefully selected a few things I liked and decided I need to checkout and get home. I'm unloading my cart and the cashier starts to wrap up my breakables, I reach into my purse for my wallet. Um, no wallet. I DUG through my purse (which barely had ANYTHING in it - I mean, I could see the bottom of the bag easily, but still no wallet in sight. I panicked. I told the cashier to hold up, as it didn't appear that I had my wallet with me. I called Steve - "Hon, can you check the diaper bag and see if my wallet's in there?" He's like, "Oh drove all the way over there and forgot your wallet??" Yes, I did. I'm a doofus. Sure enough, the wallet was in the diaper bag. Why??? Because I've probably only left the house 2 dozen times in the past 3 1/2 years WITHOUT a diaper bag. *SIGH* So, I had to come home empty handed. They held my cart full of goodies for me and I was able to go back later that day to get my things. Geez - how embarrassing! I apologized no less than 10 times to the cashier and the woman behind me in line.

We went out for a yummy dinner Saturday night, and although I didn't have a birthday cake, I got to have some super delicious Tiramisu (specially adorned with a candle!).

In the midst of this fun weekend, the clean-out process swung into high gear over at my grandpa's old house. He passed away not quite 4 years ago, and it's been tough to get going on the clean-out process. But it's underway finally and I've gotta say, it's kicked this creative streak I've been exploring lately into HIGH GEAR! Basically, it's an entire house full of things - clothes, furniture, accessories, dishes - you name, it's probably there. I was able to go over last night with my mom and we looked through some old things my grandmother had treasured (i.e., silver plated serving dishes, old lamps, pot-de-cremes <---have you heard of these?!?!). I'm SUPER excited about a hutch we'll be bringing to our house from there. I'll be painting it, shabby-ing it up a bit, and putting it in our kitchen. I have sooooo many ideas running through my head right now of projects I'm hoping to do soon, I can barely keep everything straight! I blame this creative overload on the reading of blogs. Many, many blogs. Holy cow, are there some creative people out there or what?!?! And so many love to post their creations on the internets!! I'm fascinated, inspired, and completely overwhelmed. I'm lovin' it.

I'll be getting up some pics soon for what I'll be working on. In the meantime, I'm tired. Peace out from this now 34-year-old mama.

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