May 18, 2010

goodies from grandpa's

I mentioned recently that the clean-out process has begun at my grandparents. My grandfather died nearly 4 years ago, and the cleaning out of his and my grandma's things had just not been a priority. Well, it's underway now and we've found some vintage BEAUTIES in amongst the trash!

First up, this beautiful black plate. I think I'm going to use it for display above my cabinets. It's SUPER shiny and such a rich, deep black. Just beautiful! I knew it had to be mine.

Then we found this AMAZING Wedgewood set. This was my grandmother's. I remember her using the ashtray. And get this - when we opened the square box, we found personalized matchbooks that had never been used! I think this set will go on display in our 1/2 bath (way out of reach of little fingers, of course).

Ok, look at this GORGEOUS piece!! I'm SO in love with this. My mom says it's 'milk glass' and she thinks the pattern it was described as 'hob nail' with all of it's bumps. I'm going to Google it and find out more. Not only is this thing absolutely stunning on the outside, the real treasure was INSIDE!

I opened up the lid only to discover an old perfume bottle....and the scent of my grandma!!! OMGosh, my mom and I nearly burst into tears! How cool is this?!?!? We immediately put the lid back on so we didn't lose ANY of the smell, but I do find myself occasionally opening up the lid just to catch a small whiff of that heavenly scent. Miss you, Grandma!! *sniff sniff*

Lastly, we can't forget to give some love to these guys!! Who doesn't need a giant fork and spoon in their kitchen?!?! I swear, these things must have been gift-giving gold back in the 70's because I think my parents got everyone they knew a set of these, and then bought a few extra sets 'just in case.' My dad was stationed in Japan for a few years, so they picked these beauties up (and 60-70 of their cousins, I'm convinced) while shopping overseas. We've always joked about them, but I'm seriously considering putting these bad boys up in my kitchen. We'll see....I'm not sure Steve will go for it (unless, of course, he's given total permission to use them now and again!)

Just a little sneak peak at my delicious finds. There's still a hutch and possibly a few more furniture pieces I'll be calling my own soon. Stay tuned!!!

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