May 17, 2010

browsing and loving

So many of the blogs I read actually post about projects they've seen OTHERS doing. I've decided today, I'm gonna give it a go. I've seen SO MANY things I love and I really don't want to forget some of, I think I'll put a few here!

Ok, HOW CUTE ARE THESE????? I found them at Just a Girl and I'm completely in love. I neeeeeed to find some of these so I can make not only the first aid kit, but the dog kit - that idea is BEYOND genius! This woman should win a Nobel Peace prize for the dog kit alone. I mean seriously - keeping all of the dog's 'equipment' in ONE PLACE?!?!? Wow. She blew my mind for the day with that one!




Then there was this super cute tutorial I found over at House of Smith's for hanging roses. These are GORGEOUS! They look a touch time consuming, but I'm thinking Lydia's big-girl room will need a few of these.

There's so much more.....but I've gotta go for now - the kiddos are wakin' up!!!

1 comment:

  1. Well, I was just going through your blog (for the first time!), and I saw my pictures. How nice of you! You made me feel cool for a minute! I'm pretty much loving your blog, by the way! ;)



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