May 6, 2010

Could it be.....the PLAGUE???

Good grief, am I tired of being sick. **sigh** I have now had a 'cold' for two weeks straight. Basically, it blossomed pretty quickly into a sinus infection, but since I'm still nursing, I can't take anything. The pressure in my head...the swollen glands...the mucous...sounds attractive, right?!?! Wrong-o. And last night, the icing on the cake was when Max woke up to party at 3 a.m. Not sure whether it was the hours of thunderstorms or teething, but at any rate, he wasn't a happy guy. Seriously, could a Tylenol/Motrin recall have come at a worse time?? I think not.

Tomorrow is our anniversary (10 years!) and we're celebrating with.....wait.....wait for it....BULK TRASH DAY! We just hauled out a bunch of crap from the basement, including a large, non-working television. I had visions while we were pushing this beast up the steps of it letting loose and crushing us both and then wondering what on earth would happen in the morning when the kids wake up and mommy and daddy don't come running because they're TRAPPED under a GARBAGE in the basement. Yeah, I think my brain's still a little loopy, you know, from this congestion and all.

On the creative front, there's been little action. I did finish a dress for Lydia last weekend. But for the past few days, I've done nothing. Nada. Zilch. I'm a blob of creative nothingness at this point. BUT, I'm hoping it passes soon! I've got so many things on the horizon and things I really want to get done, so I need to get cracking. Maybe if I get super motivated, I'll post a pic of the quilt I need to start for Lydia.

In the meantime, I'm gonna soak up some juicy daytime drama with today's GH episode.

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