June 18, 2010

the bearded lady - NOT!

My daughter is downright HILARIOUS! I'm not kidding - she's a riot. I think everyone probably says that about their kids. But really, we're not the only ones that say this about her. She just has a way with words!

We're getting out of the car at the meat market today, and she says to me,

"Mom, did you know some girls can have beards?"

And I was like, "HUH???"

"You know, mom - beards."

I just looked at her for a few seconds wondering where on earth she got this notion. I mean sure, we've seen some interesting folks at our local Walmart, and I really didn't feel like getting into a long discussion with her about how some women DO have some hair on their faces....

But finally, she said,

"See mom, LOOK?"

and she pointed to a person coming out of the meat market.

And that person....

...was a MAN!

A man with very long hair in a ponytail and a thick beard.


I started HOWLING with laughter (we were still in the car, mind you, so hopefully this gentleman didn't think I was hysterical over him). But, in her little 3-year-old mind (actually, exactly 3 1/2 today!), that was a woman with a beard, because hey - only ladies have "piggies," right?!?!

Oh, how I love this little girl.

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