June 15, 2010

too early for this.

We woke up to ants this morning. OY. You know, those little, tiny, little baby ants that come in packs of thousands? They're pretty slow, but man, they're annoying. So, with no coffee in my system, I tackled those pests. I'm sure a few are lingering, and we're fresh out of Terro, so we'll see what the day holds.

While I'm trying to process the whole ant situation, Steve was fixing a crashed server, and Lydia's like, "Mom, I need something.....something that's yellow, has salt and pepper, and is on a Mickey plate." Here's what I want to know - when did everything turn into a CLUE around here?!?! It's like we live with Dora, but with fewer Spanish words. And no talking backpack. And I guess we don't have a sneaky fox trying to take our things either. But still - you get the idea. Instead of asking for "eggies," she has to go through this big mystery to figure out what, exactly, she'd like to eat. I'm not really complaining. In fact, I really love it. It's darn cute and someday I'll say, "I remember when you made us figure out what you wanted by giving us clues! Awwww!!"

So I'm off to drink my coffee and make eggies for my most favorite little girl.

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