June 16, 2010

looking and loving: Fishers of Men

Alright, I *just* stumbled across this sweet little creative genius over at Playing Sublimely. I've only gotten to read a few posts, but I already can see the she'll be one of my favorite bloggers out there. Ok, so this week, she's doing an art camp (I'm guessing through her church) and the kids are doing some AMAAAAAZINGLY cool projects!! Like THIS:

HOW GORGEOUS IS THAT?!?!?! The theme for day 1 was 'Fishers of Men.' I mean, c'mon - where are the ADULT CHRISTIAN ART CAMPS for crying out loud?!?!?! I want one of these. Like, NOW! This could be my calling....although, I need to know how to paint. MOM! MOOOOOOOOM, I neeeeeeeed you!!!! (she can paint - think she'll hear me calling her from the internet??) At any rate, my eyes are going to be glued to this blog all week. Genius. GENIUS I tell you!

And now I'm off to find some old-school Bob Ross on PBS so I can learn how to paint.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness I want to go to that church art camp!!! Awesome. Where is Bob Ross indeed!



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