June 27, 2010

drab 2 fab: giant wooden silverware

Alright, remember these beauties I dug out of hiding over at my grandpa's house??

Pretty nice, eh?!?! LOL

No, seriously - when I tell you that EVERYONE in my family - aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. have had a set of these at some point in their lives, I'm not joking. My dad was stationed in Japan in the late 60's, and he and my mom did alot of shopping in the Orient. Somehow, they felt these giant silverware sets would make the PERFECT gifts for everyone!! I'm guessing they sent back no less than 30 sets.

I've never really loved them 'as is,' but I recently decided to bring this set home and try to give them some love. So, with a little black paint, I think I was able to update these giant utensils.

Whaddya think??

I think they turned out pretty cool!! Don't they have a Pottery Barn feel to them?!?!

You get to see just how big they are when they are up on the wall. It's funny because everyone I know that has them typically hangs them together on the wall, with the 'stems' up and the fork/spoon parts hanging down. Well, my genius hubs suggested we hang them this way.


They've got some cool details on the stems...

...and they provide nice contrast on the walls.

Steve's been threatening to use them at dinner. I better keep an eye on him....who knows what'll happen if he's REALLY hungry!!

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  1. CRUSH!!! I heart these tremendously!

  2. My Mamaw has a set of these and they are hung just like you said together handles up, and i never really liked them but the way you have them reminds me of a set table with the window being like a placemat and i think that is fantastic! it really sets the stage! I love them!

  3. Thank you both!

    Becky, I thought the SAME THING! It looks like a table setting! Pretty perfect, considering our table is right at the sliding glass door.

  4. Ooo! I love the detail that the fork and spoon give!
    Nice work!

    And I know! I'm trying to finish my projects as quick as I can. :)

    Good luck with your hutch!

  5. Love them! I like it faced that way, mine had the hook on the bottom though so they had to face down..



  6. I just recently picked up a set of these at Hobby Lobby. As soon as we get our new house remodeled I will be displaying my set... love them!!!

  7. Leah - I just saw some at HL last weekend! I loved them!

  8. Those look really good now! You weren't kidding when you said giant were you? You can tell how big they are next to the light switch! I've never seen any that big, but I really like them, especially after your little makeover!

  9. I found your blog on CSI Project.
    I have sooo been trying to find some of these at thrift stores or on Craigslist. If ya'll wanna get another set off your hands let me know! I think these look great.

    I enjoyed looking at your blog and I hope you'll visit mine. www.imsimplysarah.blogspot.com

  10. I love these. My grandmother had a set of them in her home in Yazoo City, MS. When she passed I asked my aunt for them and she never got around to giving them to me. Earlier this year, her home was destroyed by a tornado and now they are gone forever. I've looked everywhere for a reasonably priced set to remind me of my Mamaw. Thanks for making me smile and think of her today!

  11. I've been eyeing those in PB catalog for a long time. I even noticed them on the Everybody Loves Raymond show in Marie's kitchen. Now if only I can find me a cheap old set.



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