June 13, 2010

master bedroom inspiration

Soooo...I'm thinkin' about redoing our master bedroom. I decided the other day that I'm going to jump on the beachy bandwagon. I mean hey, everyone else is, right?!?! No really, we want something soothing in our bedroom...a retreat, of sorts. Right now, it's a dark box with nice furniture, buried under clothes (mostly clean, surprisingly...just not put away). We spend so little time in our room right now. I rush piles of clean laundry upstairs during the day, but rush back downstairs to make sure the kids are ok. I hardly ever get stuff put away and almost never get it totally cleaned up. BUT, I'm thinking...if we can do it up NICE and have a place for EVERYTHING, perhaps it can turn into that sanctuary we're looking for.

With that in mind, hows about some inspiration!! We're thinking a robin's egg blue color...perhaps a little seafoam in color. We'll paint the trim white (right now, it's the same color as the walls, which are a dark olive-y color), and use our current furniture - a gorgeous dark cherry sleigh bed, matching night stands, and a couple of dressers - also dark wood. I'm toying with the idea of painting a dresser - maybe white, or a few shades darker than the wall color - something a little different than the rest of the furniture. Here are some pics of rooms that have different things I like...


I love the khaki/lt. bluish-green combo in here - very calm and refreshing. And those bamboo shades? Mine. I want 'em. BAD. Oh, and I think I now have my heart set on a board and batten wall. Just one. The main one that the bed will be up against. I think our dark bed will just pop with the crisp white b&b background.

Courtesy of HGTV (Credit: Caren Baginski)

I love seeing how the dark furniture will work with the beachy theme and that blue-greeny/khaki combo.

Coastal Living
Master suite with blue sheer valance

Coastal Living

And I think that's our bed up there! It looks just like that! Now, the rest of the room...well, it's much...much more tidy than our room at present. I see no clothes in this room. Yeah, not really the case in ours. Seriously, the only way we may be able to keep the room looking tidy is if we become nudists - not even have to worry about clothes. The hubs might like that idea...'specially since he's been workin' his p90X.

sleigh bed

Coastal Living

Again with the dark wood, the light blues...and I'm likin' the glass accents. Very cool and calm. We need some of that around here.

Perhaps a tropical looking ceiling fan sorta kinda like this one.

And I'll be honest, there's nothing I want more than Nester's striped drapes. Yeah, I'll DEFINITELY be makin' some of these for the room. I'll be on a wild and desperate hunt for wide khaki and white striped fabric, I just know it.

That's what I've got for now. Steve's agreed (PRAISE THE LORD!) but feels as though we should paint, like, tomorrow before he changes his mind. He loves the current setup (minus the bazillion stacks of clothes) and really could care less. But, I think he'll see just how heavenly it could be with a little paint, fabric, and TLC! Wish me luck!!

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