June 17, 2010

drab 2 fab: dining chairs

There is absolutely no denying that we were in DESPERATE need of new chairs at our table in the kitchen. I mean, to say we had 4 mismatched chairs would be an accurate statement, but it really doesn't describe what we lived with for FAR too long. These mismatched chairs had all been covered in nice, gold velvet chair covers, with funky bead trim. But after 4+ years, one house move, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a whole lotta meals, those chair covers were dead. They really had to go once the beads started falling off and Lydia started collecting the beads as "gold." So we lived with the mismatched chairs for awhile without the covers, but when we got the opportunity to get some new ones, we JUMPED at the chance!!

While cleaning out my grandparents' house, we realized that their old dining room chairs might work for us. We had to have vision, as they were not overly pretty to look at...they needed some bleach, some paint, and some new fabric.

I liked the 'bones' of these chairs, but the creamy/peachy/yellowy finish had to go. They had mildew spots on them that needed cleaned up as well. And the fabric??? Well...it was time for updating. (and let's just pretend, shall we, that there is no mess whatsoever in the garage BEHIND those chairs.)

I think the legs on these chairs are pretty neat.

The old fabric up close - not HORRIBLE, but definitely not a fit for our house.

Steve removed the chair covers for me. His assistant was a very big help. ;)

And after some white spray paint, and new fabric on the seats, here's what we've got now...

Muuuuuuch better! Seriously - a ginormous improvement over what we had prior to this! Heck, if I'd have left them exactly how they were in the photos above, they would have been a vast improvement over what we had! Steve can't wait to start a fire with the old chairs we had.

I like the dark fabric - I'm hoping it won't show too many food stains (from the kids, of course).

And just a shot of the tops of them, all pulled up to the table. I need to get some better shots of them altogether, but honestly, we were so excited when they were done, we wasted no time getting rid of the old ones (a.k.a, kindling) and sitting down on these new fancy schmancy ones!!

So things are coming together here, slowly but surely. I'm starting to feel as though our house is turning more into our home...we're making it more 'us'...and that feels good. :)


  1. so amazing what a little paint can do! I love the dark fabric!!

  2. Yep, you gotta have paint.. you can live without everything else.. but never give up yer paint.

  3. Paint is the best... you just gotta have yer paint.



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