June 14, 2010

drab 2 fab: grandma's armoire

I had mentioned in a few other posts that my mom is in the process of cleaning out my grandparent's house. It's chock full of stuff. Much of it needs to move onto others who can give it love, but there are a few gems - like this armoire. When I was talking one day with my mom about how much sewing stuff I'm acquiring, she told me about what my grandma used back in the day to hold all of her material. It was this armoire! She told me grandma loved how deep the drawers were and that they could hold lots of supplies. My mom was like, "You should take it! It would be perfect for what you need!!" Check this thing out!

Now I should mention, these photos were taken AFTER I had doused the thing in bleach. It had some mold and mildew issues, so it really needed a good cleaning.

It's got some nice details...

...and some details that were a bit too dated for my liking.

I took care of the datedness that was bothering me and got to work.

And after some sanding, 3 coats of white paint that I got for free (thanks, Dad!!), a little more sanding, distressing, and new hardware.....

...here she is!! Isn't it GREAT?!?!

How funny is it that the top drawer is different than all the others??

I just distressed it slightly, to add a little character.

I was able to keep it's black hinges - they worked great with the new hardware.

And guess what?!?! PEEK-A-BOO! The 'closet' part is CEDAR!!! WOOHOO!

So, to recap this project:

Armoire: FREE
Paint: FREE
New Knob/Pulls: around $30 from Home Depot
A few hours of my time and sweat (it's been humid here!)
TOTAL: $30

Pretty awesome for this beauty, I think!! I need to make room for it tomorrow in my craft area, then bring it in and fill it up!!

Now, wait 'til you see the dining room HUTCH!! EEEEK!!!!!!!

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  1. Stopping by from Remodelaholic! Just love how this transformation turned out! Cedar lined closet is just great! Awesome makeover!

  2. I have armoire envy! It turned out so great! Add to that the fact that it was your grandma's and it was free, and I don't think it could get any better~well done!

  3. I think I just died a little. This is freaking fabulous! And the best part is the cedar inside! You do beautiful work dear!



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