July 26, 2010

are ya feelin' the tie-dye craze?

I'm guessing that most of you in blogland have no idea that I used to have a very small business on HyenaCart. I dyed cloth diapers and clothes. Totally random, right?

Well, this was a few years ago, before tie-dye came back with a vengeance. Actually, maybe we in the cloth diapering world brought it back to cool? Hmmm...I doubt it, but hey, it was worth a shot, right?

When I got pregnant with our son, I stopped dying because the smell of the dyes and chemicals used to set the dye drove me crazy. My little business went to the wayside. *sigh* But boy, in the midst of it all, I had FUN with the dyes!!

I dyed mostly cloth diapers...different brands and types. I cloth diapered my daughter and the fabrics and diaper options were endless!! But, since I'm a mama who LOVES color, I had to jazz up some of her stash. So I started with her diapers...

...I dyed, and dyed, and dyed. I went through all of her diapers, then got some white tees to do for her.

I loved making her matching sets!

And she LOVED playing in piles of clean, soft diapers!!

Then I ordered a couple of white cotton dresses and outfits for her. I dyed those up too! Needless to say, she was a colorful little girl! She loved when I'd make something new for her - and she'd ooooh and aaaah over the colors.

I got so many positive comments from some of the message boards I was on that I started a small business online. VERY small. I'd offer custom dye slots to dye others' diapers and clothes. I also sold some new clothes in my shop.

I loved doing tees - it was always so fun to see how things would come out.

Dyed prefold diapers were a hit too.

And these little dresses were some of my favorite things I had done - for two sisters. How cute do you think they were in these matching frocks? I bet adorable!

This morning, I was shopping around online and almost purchased a dyed tee.


I had to slap myself!!

The one I saw was insanely overpriced and not even that cute. What was I thinking?!?!

My brain must have been in a fog...I gave up coffee today. Yikes.

But then I got to thinking that maybe I should dye up some duds for me and the fam. My little guy would look so cute in a rockin' blue/green/yellow tee. And my daughter could use a few tees for fall/winter. Hmmm....

Have you all been enjoying the dyed clothing craze? Some love it, some hate it. I have a love-hate relationship with it sometimes, depending on the dying I guess.

Who knows...maybe I'll bust out the dyes soon. If so, I'll be sure to keep you in the know. Do I smell a tutorial in the future?!?!?! Anything's possible!! ;)


  1. So cute!!!!

  2. SO fun! I love all the tie dye!

    And you ROCK... I wouldn't have even have THOUGHT to put something in the cement...
    Maybe I can run out there with my damask stamping tool, and make my OWN stamped concrete???
    HAHAHAH jk.

    Okay... and at the risk of sounding totally weird... last night, till about 2am I kept your blog open on my computer to listen to your music. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it all!
    It got me through about 20 vinyl orders!
    THANK YOU for having such great taste in tunes :)

  3. Krissy! Call me your newest fan bu tI am going gaga for your blog! Thsi tie die is to die for!

    I love the hutch makeover and will be featuring it on BCD on Aug. 16th! I copy and pasted so no need to send em the html! Thanks for linking! I of course linked your post to your blog and threw on your header with an invite to visit you! Thanks again for the great link!

    Me love!!!!!

  4. i have heard that prefolds/diapers have problems keeping dyes fixed due to the urine affecting the dye. Have you had any problems with this? I had been wanting to dye my son's diapers, but didn't want him to end up stained afterward.



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