July 18, 2010

I pulled a 'Nester.'

In case you don't know who the Nester is, go here. She's brilliant. She's a decorating genius. She's real...human...her home looks livable. I love her.

Well, awhile back, the Nester used her skills of awesomeness and managed to score some GORGEOUS hydrangeas. Read about her adventure - you'll love it!

At any rate, I TOO have been stalking some folks. There's a house up the street from us that has the most beautiful hydrangea bushes out front. Three big bushes (not as big as the one's Nester found, but still large and beautiful). They are full of pink, purple, and blue hydrangea blossoms.

I've been joking with Steve for weeks now that I was going to swing by and ask them if I could have some of their flowers. By the looks of it, (and by my careful stalking..errr..observation skills) they rarely, if ever, cut any blooms off. Do these people not REALIZE what they HAVE?!?! The BEAUTY!!!

Anyways, Steve ran out yesterday morning to get a few last minute party supplies, and called me shortly after he left.

"Hey, just thought I'd tell you that the R----'s are having a yard sale today. Just thought you might like to know that."


I said, "Hmmmm...maybe I'll walk up and check out their stuff...then ask if I can BUY some flowers."


Guess who walked up the street?!?!

That's, right. ME!

My mom was here, so she stayed with the kids, while I took off up the street, armed with $5 and confidence that these people would love to share their flowers with me.

I got there and looked around the bit. The man of the house didn't realize who I was, but after perusing for a few, I went up to him and said,

"I have a strange request."

He's like, "Ohhh, nothing's strange at a garage sale!"

I said, "Wait 'til you hear my request before you say THAT!!"

I then proceeded to tell him that I'd been admiring their hydrangeas for far too long now and that I'd been joking around, saying I was going to come and ask to snip some. I asked if he minded if I bought some from them! I explained I was having a party yesterday and that I'd love some fresh flowers - theirs were clearly the most beautiful on the street.

He said, "Well, let's ask my wife."
(good call on that guy's part)

We asked her and she seemed ever-so-slightly annoyed, but then warmed up to the idea. She had no idea how to cut them, what to DO with such beautiful flowers, but went with the idea. I explained who I was (the husband had done some work with Steve before) and we began small-talking and chatting about our kids, yard sales, etc. while he grabbed his clippers.

He proceeded to clip me a BUNCH of blooms!

(picture me nearly dying here!)

When he felt like he had cut me enough, I handed him my $5, which he refused to take at first. I INSISTED for his trouble...he tried to give me CHANGE..LOL...but again, I insisted he take the $5 for his trouble.

His wife then saw the large bunch of flowers in my hands and asked a few questions about how to care for them, how long they'll last, etc. She quickly began to realize what a treasure she has in her front yard!!

I basically RAN home...trimmed them up...and got them into water.

Prepare to drool, people.......

Are you DYING?!?!?!

I put them all over...the windowsill...the table...the entryway...the new hutch (more on that soon!)

I just can't get enough! They're just gorgeous! Easily my favorite flower. I've GOT to send these people a thank you!

I just had to share. Nester, if you're out there in blog world reading this, THANK. YOU. You have inspired me to not be afraid to ask others to share their beauty with us....to not be afraid to think outside of the box...to allow the simplicity of nature's gifts fill us with joy.



  1. SO fun...glad you took the chance. They are GORGEOUS!!

  2. Holy WOW! Those are stunning, and definitely envy-worthy! You know, there's a house near my grandmother's house that has a hydrangea bush that I stare at every time I pass it. Side note- luckily I have yet to run off the road. I'm an excellent multi-tasker! Anyway, you've inspired me to *maybe* stop and ask them for a cutting. I can't swear that I'll have the guts to do it, but I'll definitely be considering it when I pass by!

  3. What a GREAT story!! I love hydrangea's too, and bought a small Endless Summer Hydrangea bush this year, and only got a few blooms that I cut and placed around the house....that has been several weeks and I don't have any new blooms.....could you share how to cut them? Maybe I did something wrong?

  4. WOW! I am in LOVE! That is so funny! My best friend and I always say "I'm dying!" when something is just so dang cute! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I am your newest follower visiting from Classy Clutter (our new blog!) Stop by sometime if you'd like!

    Gorgeous flowers! I'm obsessed!

    Mallory @



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