July 14, 2010

looking and loving: MORE subway art!

I posted awhile back on a subway art project I did for Steve for our anniversary. I got the inspiration from another extremely creative blogger out there.

Well guess what?!?!! I've got subway art on the brain AGAIN!

I was checking out Tatertots and Jello, and saw that she's got some GREAT ideas for different kinds of subway art. Check out this summertime subway art!!

Is that not INSANELY cute??? If summer weren't half over already,

(and if I didn't have about 400 other projects half done right now)

I would totally make one! And that flag banner on the mantle?!?! ADORABLE!

She suggested doing one for Halloween and I think Lydia and I will DEFINITELY be making one together! She's at that age now where she notices decorations and seasonal touches around the house.

Maybe this inspired you too!! Every house needs a little subway art, right?!?! :)

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