July 16, 2010

birthday festivities tomorrow

Tomorrow, we are having a birthday party for the most special little one-year-old in our lives - our son, Max!
(1 day old)

His birthday was a few weeks ago, but because of vacation...the 4th of July...scheduling conflicts...we had to delay it a bit.

(1 month)

I have found this 1-year party to be much harder to plan than my daughter's 1-year, probably because I'm much busier now with TWO little ones to keep track of instead of just one!

(2 months)

Plus, I've not yet planned a SUMMER b-day party - my daughter's birthday is in the winter, so we usually have to plan for snow, blizzards, and people worrying about getting home from the party.

(4 months)

We aren't doing anything major tomorrow...a cookout with a tiki/beachy/cookout-y type feel. LOL My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are making Max a Pablo (from Backyardigans) cake, which he will L.O.V.E.

(5 months)

We're going to play outside with family and friends, try to stay cool, and enjoy some good food.

(6 months)

Hopefully, everyone will get to enjoy a little time with Max and see what an amazing little guy he is!

(7 months)

(1 year)

So, I'm off to clean, organize, cook, decorate, and find my sanity.

We love you, Monkey!


  1. Oh my gosh! Is he just like the most ADORABLE kiddo or what!?
    Those eyes are to DIE for!

    And you're so funny!
    I'm leaning towards not waiting for the door on the pantry.
    I'M getting too antsy!
    I'm off to IKEA today, to pick up the last of the things that I need to do the organizing, and then I'll be featuring it soon!
    Thanks for your support!

  2. Thanks, Shelley!! We, of course, think he's cute, but we're biased :)

    You're so lucky you have an IKEA nearby! We've gotta go an hour or so to get to one. I guess it could be worse. I can't WAIT to see the pantry!! And the DOOR - what are you getting?? A screen door, perhaps?? ;)

    I'm in hutch heaven here...it's sooooo close to being done. And it's in the house now, getting tons of love. Just a few doors to finish up.

    p.s. - I keep telling my husband that my favorite blogger has commented on my blog TWICE!! (I know, I'm lame. LOL!!!!!)



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